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Kid Friendly

After School Experience

Wednesday Afternoon

4-6 PM

A.S.E. meets on Wednesdays throughout the school year starting as soon as the students arrive following their school day, includes supper, and concludes at 6pm.  This year, the young people are journeying through the Kids’ Edition of the Believe curriculum to help them think, act, and be like Jesus. 

TEENS IN Teens in Focus: Teens in Focus meets on Tuesdays from 6:30 until 8:00 PM at the home of Tom & Cheri Gamble.  This year Teens In Focus is using the Believe Student Edition: Living the Story of the Bible to Become Like Jesus.

Children’s Christmas Musical
Here's a chance to hear about the birth of Jesus from the people who were there when it happened. 
In the Simply Christmas program, we'll hear all of the children in the Christmas musical tell their part of the story in their own creative way! 
Simply Christmas starts with the promise and the letter "P" . . . 
The prophet Isaiah proclaimed the proof of God's love. 
Shepherds will tell their part of the Christmas story with a spoken chant. 
Angels will use charades to tell their part of the story because they have lost their voices from singing songs of praise to God. 
This is a simple and familiar Christmas story where everyone can sing along with all the familiar Christmas songs! 
Rehearsals for the Children’s Christmas Program are Sunday evenings at 6 PM. See Cheri Gamble for more details. 
The performance will be Sunday, December 17 at 10:45 AM.