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Kid Friendly

Our Upward Flag Football & Upward Cheerleading Leagues begin on April 2.  The first game will be held on April 21 and all games will be played at the First Church of Christ-Christian on Yankee Street in Niles.  Please be in prayer for this great opportunity to share the message of the Gospel with our community!

Upward’s mission is ‘Promoting the Discovery of Jesus through Sports”, and we are partnering with the First Church of Christ-Christian in Niles to share the Gospel message with children and their families through the sports of Flag Football and Cheerleading.  Starting in April, once each week teams will come together for their hour-long flag football or cheerleading practice.  During that hour, the coach will spend 5 – 10 minutes sharing with the children from the Word of God and will also be able to serve as a witness of the Gospel to each child’s family throughout the 11-week season.  This nearly 3-month season includes eight consecutive Saturday games where parents, family, and friends will converge on the grounds of First Church of Christ-Christian on Yankee in Niles to not only enjoy athletic competition, but to also again be influenced by the encouragement and godly influence of Christian coaches and referees who are promoting the discovery of Jesus through sports.

TEENS IN Teens in Focus: Teens in Focus meets on Tuesdays from 6:30 until 8:00 PM at the home of Tom & Cheri Gamble.  This year Teens In Focus is using the Believe Student Edition: Living the Story of the Bible to Become Like Jesus.

Spring Break “One Day Phun Day”

April 4

This year during Spring Break Fairland will host “One Day Phun Day” on Wednesday, April 4 for young people in grades PreK – 5th.  Invite your neighbors, relatives, and the other kids that you know to this great day of learning and fun. 

Youth Trips


Students in grades 6-8 will be attending Believe in Anderson, IN on April 6-7. This year’s theme is “With” taken from Matthew 28:20 “I am with you always”.